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Gold Jewelry

Solid gold jewelry for every age and every occasion. Beautiful and minimal pieces that go with everything and can be worn every day. Romantic ideas for those who look at the sky and dream. And also geometrical designs for those who love geometry’s strictness but at the same time appreciate craft’s freedom. In other words, all of them are elegant and dainty and they are the best choice for the perfect look.

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From initials and animal gold pendants to celestial and heart shaped charms. Either you can wear them alone or mix with others. Solid gold jewelry with cute and simple designs or important symbolisms, will definitely accessorize every outfit.

Gold rings that can make a day unforgettable or just make every day special. Beautiful wedding bands for those who are ready for the “big day” and love classic and minimal solid gold jewelry. On the other hand gold plain and stacking rings for the perfect everyday look.

Station gold necklaces with red rubies and corals and white pearls or sideways necklaces, all perfect to wear solo or to mix and match with others and create a stylish look. In short pair them with any outfit and make it stunning.

Gold bracelets with chain or cord, with symbols that infuse life with positivity or with simple but at the same time unique designs that complete a style. Solid gold jewelry that keep your look fresh and trendy, classic and elegant or cute and funny.

Threader, hoops or studs. Classic or modern, a pair of gold earrings suits every occasion, you can wear it at any age and make you smile while pulling your hair back. We can engrave your solid gold jewelry and make them even more personalised.

In yellow, white, rose solid gold, handmade with love, are ready to steal the impressions and above all are ready to enter your heart. Solid gold jewelry that certainly suit all tastes and have in common high quality and elegance.


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