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Wedding Bands

Solid gold wedding bands in yellow, white and rose gold. Beautiful wedding bands for those who are ready for the “big day” and love classic and minimal rings.

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Gold bands in different textures and different widths. Hammered, matte and polished, rounded and squared, the solid gold bands are perfect to seal the most important day of your life and to become a part of a memory that you will cherish forever.

Choose the one that fits your style perfectly, ask for an engravement on the inside that will make the ring unique like you. Engrave a name, a date, a word, an initial. Something that you want to remember for a lifetime. Something that it will also be kept in your heart. That it will symbolize love and faith, happiness and joy, that it will remind you of all those reasons that made you say “yes” to the one and only!

Perfect tο enjoy this special occasion and also to brighten up your daily routine. While you can wear your wedding ring solo or stack it with other rings, it will elevate your look and last for a lifetime. A wedding band is the jewel that makes a day unforgettable and then makes every day special.

Solid gold wedding bands rings, in 9K,14K or 18K. Personalized and made with love to last forever, for every age and every occasion. Beautiful and simple designs that matches all jewelry, can be worn from everyone and be the one piece that you will enjoy wearing every day.


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