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Pendant Necklaces

Solid gold pendant necklaces in yellow, white and rose gold. A lotus flower or a simple heart, a funny llama or a cute bunny, a personalised clock or a diamond circle, a christening cross or a spiritual “aum”.

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Romantic designs for those who look at the sky and dream. Geometrical for those who love geometry’s strictness but also appreciate craft’s freedom. Symbolic pendant necklaces with spiritual meaning that for some people aren’t just a modern jewelry but also a sign of protection or a statement of mind.

The solid gold pendant necklaces at any case, either those with the cute designs or those with the important symbolisms, accessorize every outfit. You can wear them alone or mix them with others. There are different shapes and styles which you may add to a chain, all beautiful. They are the perfect choice, if you love minimal jewelry and want a style that is simple but unique, elegant but modern, cute but classy, fine but easy to wear.

The solid gold pendant necklaces will steal the impressions and elevate your style. We’ve crafted each of them with love and made it to tell a different story and to symbolize a unique emotion, a special moment. Choose it to remind you a highlight of your life and you will cherish it for ever. Make them even more special by adding an engraving on the their back side.

Solid gold pendant necklaces, in 9K,14K and 18K, personalised and timeless, that you can wear them at any age and any occasion. Beautiful and simple pieces of jewelry that go with everything and can be worn every day.


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