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Chain Bracelets

Solid gold chain bracelets in yellow, white and rose gold. With gold circles and ovals, bars and flowers, symbols like cross and om, even turtles and frogs.

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Classic or modern, delicate and dainty, bracelets are a piece of jewelry that are easy to wear and easy to love.

A bracelet tells a unique story or just dresses up an outfit. It’s a jewel that keeps your look fresh and trendy, classic and elegant or cute and cool. You will definitely treasure it for life and match it with your other jewelry.

A bracelet with the symbol of infinity, perfect for those who want their love to know no limits or for those who just love mathematics and their theory. A gold butterfly bracelet to symbolize changes and metamorphosis. A plain gold bar to engrave a name, a date, your favorite word or a quote that “colors” your life. A gold chain bracelet with a tiny turtle of longevity and strength, for those who love jewelry with symbolisms. Or a cross bracelet to make her Baptism day just perfect.

Solid gold bracelets are the perfect choice to make the simplest of outfits look stunning . Or even to build a memory by creating emotions through unique designs. Solid gold chain bracelets, in 9k, 14k or 18K, personalised with engraving and made with love, for every age and every occasion. Beautiful and simple pieces of jewelry that go with everything, can be worn every day and last for a lifetime.


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