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Talu Rock n' Gold

Handmade Gold Jewelry

Having our jewelry travelled around the world was definitely the biggest dream. And after all this time that we ship worldwide, we were lucky enough not to miss the point. It’s not just the creation of the jewel that is needed to make something special. It’s not the engraving or the gift message that makes a piece of jewelry personalized. Or even the fast shipping that is appreciated and makes someone come back. It’s the way we feel every time we create a jewel for you, the care we have when we ship it and want it to be delivered on time, the happiness we are fill with when we hear your impressions. Our jewelry are made of high quality but the most important is that they are made of love. And love is always coming back.

We welcome you to our store in the hope that here you will find not just what you want, but what you dream of.