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Cross Necklaces

Solid gold cross necklaces in yellow, white and rose gold. Beautiful simple designs for those who believe in God and want to wear a cross as a sign of protection and blessing but at the same time love to be stylish and elegant.

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Solid cross necklaces with a white diamond on the center, perfect gift for her, or with more tiny diamonds that make the cross shining. The perfect gift for your mother at her birthday. The best pendant for your godchild who want to keep the faith on them. A nice present for your sister’s baby shower. All time classic designs and modern ideas, all with one common denominator. Elegance.

Choose your favorite design and gift it to yourself or to your loved one. A cross pendant that it’s not just the symbol of Christianity but also a unique piece of jewelry that can be worn for a life time. So many options and so many ideas, all of them based on elegance and beauty.

Solid gold crosses in 14k, personalized and made with love. Fine jewelry easy to wear and easy to love.


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