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Stud Earrings

Solid gold earrings in yellow, white and rose gold. Various different shapes and styles. Bunnies and cats for the animal friends. Squares, rectangles and dots for the geometry lovers. Bars and lines for those who appreciate classic jewelry. Stars and moons for the romantics and the dreamers. A sign of peace for the activists and a lotus flower for the yoga lovers.

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Each pair of earrings tells a unique story and makes you smile while pulling your hair back. Think of your options and then make the best choice for the right occasion. For her birthday, her graduation or her prom, for Halloween night, Christmas and New Year Eve or for just a single day in the college. Earrings are the perfect accessory! Stud or dangle, threader or hoops. All earrings, elegant and dainty, can be worn from gym to office and then to a dinner outing or a friend’s party. You may just wear a pair of earrings or get out of your comfort zone to pull off the look with mismatched earrings that share a common theme or even not! For the bold and the confident, beautiful designed earrings coupled with elegance can create a personal style where there are no rules.

Solid gold earrings first will beautifully dress up your ears for every occasion. And second will add a bit shimmer and elegance to your style. Solid gold earrings, in 9K,14K and 18K, crafted with love, for every age and every occasion. Beautiful and simple pieces of jewelry that easily go with everything, can be worn every day and are for a lifetime.


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